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Address Verification Services

AVS (Address Verification System) is a service used to verify the address of an individual. With the advancement of the technology, automated address verification system also came into existence.

We provide automated address verification and manual verification services. With automated system we check bankcard holder’s address submitted at the time of issuing a card and verify it with the billing address. This process sends AVS response code according to the results through the payment gateway. If the provided billing address matches with the saved address, the transaction is successful otherwise the message ‘transaction declined or address mismatch’ would be displayed.

This is to add some more information to your knowledge base that AVS cannot provide you total protection against fraudulent activities but they definitely can minimize the risk. As, there are many other reasons responsible for ZIP code mismatch, and with every such mismatch you may get the same message “ address mismatched”. That is why we provide you the details after the required crosscheck to ensure maximum level of authenticity.

We provide address verification services for:

  • Banking and Financial institutions
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cell Phone Service Providers
  • Before hiring employees for your organization

We provide you complete details about the verified address; we do it by our most advanced software and for further authentication of the address. We do it by sending our representative to the mentioned address. In case we didn’t find the person mentioned available at the address, we enquire for how long the person stayed there, if the person was not available there. Our field staffs try to get his new address from his neighbors or relatives and visit the new address. We furnish the details after we are completely satisfied by the results.

If you have any question about our services, please do contact us for further details.