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Insurance Claim Processing

Outsourcing Shop is an organization of repute in insurance claim processing with excellent record. We deeply understand the process of insurance, and value the trust and bond of faith between you and your customer.

  • By shifting your work load to Outsourcing Shop, you are free from time consuming affairs of insurance claims. Our service is available 24x7, throughout the year.
  • Our methodology of insurance claims works as follows, first of all we scan the form and send it to the administrative section for further review and analysis.
  • Correction: In this stage we follow our strict guidelines to correct your forms to the best of our knowledge and experience. The intensive screening and correction take our services to the next level.
  • Verification: We verify it according to our strict rules and regulations in accordance with the authentic databases.
  • We have some of the best talents of insurance claims industry working for us. They are backed by a very efficient system of claims verification and estimation for all sorts of first and third party insurance claims.

  • In case of big claims, we get expert opinions and do an assessment of loss and investigate the cause of loss. This way, we get the expert reports and then we arrive at the actual claim amount vis-à-vis insurance cover and terms.

Our insurance claim processing system is comprehensive and transparent. We acknowledge our role and the responsibility as a liaison between an insurer and the claimant. We do our best to help both parties to get optimal benefit and ensure fair dealing. This helps us to further enhance the trust between the two parties and to encourage overall growth of insurance sector with stronger delivery system.