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Support to Shares Custodial in India

We are one of the leading organizations in the field of providing support services to various custodial in India.

We are a trustworthy and impeccably professional organization particularly relevant after global recession. We provide services to various custodians for investors from all around the world, which have trusted us for our constantly impressive results and end to end foolproof service; and are in a strong position vis-à-vis our clients, because we offer protection across the whole chain. We have best talent working for us available in India. Our comprehensive training program constantly upgrade and brush up our staff’s skill and knowledge, our staff is proficient in accounting and information technology. We are equipped with a robust and efficient check and balance system incorporated in our system; which monitors our service quality and performance.

Our support services to share custodial in India include:

  • Support with regard to Safekeeping and settlement
  • Reporting and MIS
  • Corporate actions
  • Dividends collection and distribution
  • Proxy voting
  • Tax reclaim services
  • Fund administration and information
  • Policy announcements, etc.

One of the key features of our service and our position in the market is that we are also well balanced — we have almost equal number of clients on both buy-side and sell-side. That makes our revenues a lot more stable than those of our competitors and allows us to continue investing in the business process and in turn retain best talent. We constantly upgrade our security systems and features, with investors around the world showing ever increasing interest in Indian markets we are excited and open for more opportunities and a positive business proposition. We are ready to take care of individual as well as large size business portfolios.