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Retail Banking

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reputed retail bank operating in the market for many years with a sizable number of delighted customers. Our motto is to exceed our customer’s expectation at every touch. Our customers are our true brand ambassadors with more trustworthiness and authentic ground; we have customer loyalty schemes as well as recommendation incentive plan too. To enhance our customer experience we constantly run feedback schemes along with new product and service experience, taking valuable input from the test groups and tirelessly test it to the point where we are 100% sure about them.

We offer all sort of retail banking services and products like, savings and checking accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, credit cards, risk analysis and so forth.

We focus on five main functions:

  • Imagination
  • Technical advantage
  • Emotional Connection,
  • Functional & personalized contact
  • Testing & Improvement.

To achieve these we adhere to five commandments

  • Testing & Improvement.
  • Customer care
  • Customer relationships
  • feedback Employees satisfaction
  • Competitors study

Our differentiated services like fixed and unfixed deposits (cluster deposits which can be broken into smaller units to help meet depositors’ overdraft without breaking up deposits entirely). Centralized database for any branch banking by use of which customers can access their account in any of the branches. Automatic teller machines, Tele banking network, extended banking time, Courier pickup for cheque and documents pick up services are constantly delighting our esteemed customers.

We are consistently proving ourselves as one-stop shop for your financial needs.